One Step Beyond (35th anniversary) (Download)

Format: Digital
Cat. No.: DDSALV162
Barcode: 0698458856289
Playing Time: 78 mins

The iconic debut album from Madness coined the unmistakable “heavy heavy monster sound” that catapulted them from poky rehearsal rooms and sweaty gigs to the hearts of the nation. In truth it delivered so much more: sophisticated pop, vaudevillian vamps, English eccentrics and desert moonstomps.

This special 35th Anniversary edition has been digitally remastered from the original ¼ inch tapes, and is presented with some recently unearthed rehearsal recordings from 1979 including two songs that have never appeared anywhere before.

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One Step Beyond...’ - still the rockingest rocksteady beat; the Nuttiest Sound Around!

1. One Step Beyond…
2. My Girl
3. Night Boat to Cairo
4. Believe Me
5. Land of Hope and Glory
6. The Prince
7. Tarzan's Nuts
8. In the Middle of the Night
9. Bed and Breakfast Man
10. Razorblade Alley
11. Swan Lake
12. Rockin' In Ab
13. Mummy's Boy
14. Madness
15. Chipmunks Are Go!
16. Nutty Sounds (Rehearsal 28/4/79)
17. Mistakes (Rehearsal 28/4/79)
18. Sunshine Voice (Rehearsal 28/4/79)
19. My Girl (Rehearsal 28/4/79)
20. Memories (Rehearsal 28/4/79)
21. Believe Me (Rehearsal 28/4/79)
22. Lost My Head (Rehearsal 28/4/79)
23. Razorblade Alley (Rehearsal 28/4/79)
24. Land of Hope and Glory (Rehearsal 28/4/79)
25. Mummy's Boy (Rehearsal 28/4/79)
26. In the Middle of the Night (Rehearsal 28/4/79)
27. You Said (Rehearsal 28/4/79)
28. Stepping into Line (Rehearsal 28/4/79)
29. Bed and Breakfast Man (Rehearsal 28/4/79)