Gilbert O’Sullivan

By Larry (Download)

Format: Digital
Cat. No.: DDSALV107
Barcode: 0698458850782
Playing Time: 42 mins 23 secs

’By Larry’, Gilbert O’Sullivan’s 1994 release, is one of the legendary songwriter’s most individual and original albums. With only his specially detuned Bechstein piano and a string orchestra for company, Gilbert mixes potent new material with some rare songs dating from the 1960s.

1. Hold On To What You Got
2. It Ain't For Me
3. I Don't Mind
4. As A Rule
5. My Front Door Is
6. Because Of You
7. The Window Cleaner's Mate
8. What Am I Doing Here With You? (version 2)
9. What You See Is What You Get
10. There Are Others
11. Came To See Me Yesterday (In The Merry Month Of)
12. That's
13. When To Today
14. Shy
15. That's Why I Love You
16. My Advice To You
17. Mr And Mrs Regards