Frankie Goes To Hollywood

Sex Mix (Download)

Format: Digital
Cat. No.: DDSALVOD053
Barcode: 0698458825384
Playing Time: 2 hours 21 mins

Relax. Come again with Zang Tuum Tumb on an expedition through the remix archives, the tape jungle generated by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, ZTT and Trevor Horn during the band’s unstoppable domination of the pop charts in the mid-1980s. What in this world is achieving perfection? We may not get there, but boy do we care. Don’t be scared.
1. "all in the body" (mono)
2. The Soundtrack from Bernard Rose’s Video of the Welcome to the Pleasuredome Single (mono)
3. Get It On (mono)
4. Welcome to the Pleasuredome (How to Remake the World) (mono)
5. "all in the mind" (mono)
6. Relax (International)
7. The Power of Love (extended, singlette version)
8. "scrapped"
9. Holier Than Thou
10. "trapped"
11. Holier Than Thou
12. The Power of Love (instrumental, singlette version)
13. The World is My Oyster (in its 7" form)
14. "don’t lose what’s left"
15. Rage hard +++*
16. Relax (Sex Mix)
17. Later On (from One September Monday)
18. Ferry Across The Mersey (...and here I'll stay)
19. Two Tribes (Keep The Peace, intro)
20. One February Friday (singlette version, part 1)
21. Two Tribes (Carnage)
22. One February Friday (singlette version, part 2)
23. War (somewhere between Hiding and Hidden)
24. One February Friday (singlette version, part 3)
25. Two Tribes (Keep The Peace, outro)
26. Warriors of the Wasteland (Compacted)
27. Do You Think I'm Sexy?
28. Watching the Wildlife (Voiceless)