The Singles (Download)

Format: Digital
Cat. No.: DDSALVOD049
Barcode: 0698458824981
Playing Time: Over 2 hours

Lauded for a lengthy series of classy albums as well their consistent live prowess, Scotland’s finest have also enjoyed major success as a singles act, most notably in Europe and the Americas. This collection draws together their finest 45s (and the odd CD single), fully demonstrating their facility with a wide range of styles. And it must be said that selecting this collection from three decades of releases was no easy task because Scotland’s premier rock group turned out a wealth of singles that hit the gold standard.

Perhaps the secret of the Dunfermline band’s success was singer Dan McCafferty’s versatile voice, which ranged from a tender croon to a blues-soaked wail, hitting all points in between. Maybe it was Manny Charlton’s mastery of the guitar, which covered hard rock territory as easily it encompassed balladry - and don’t forget the deft rhythm section of bassist Pete Agnew and the late drummer Darrell Sweet, who gave the music so much groove. What we can be sure of is the fact that from their beginnings as a group finding its sonic feet, via the stadium years and on to their current status as veterans, Nazareth have always delighted the faithful with their singles.

1. Dear John
2. Morning Dew
3. If You See My Baby
4. Broken Down Angel
5. Bad Bad Boy
6. This Flight Tonight
7. Shanghai’d in Shanghai
8. Love Hurts
9. Hair of the Dog
10. My White Bicycle
11. Holy Roller
12. Carry Out Feelings
13. You're The Violin
14. I Don't Want To Go On Without You
15. Somebody To Roll
16. Gone Dead Train
17. Place In Your Heart
18. May The Sunshine
19. Whatever You Want Babe
20. Star
21. Holiday
22. Heart’s Grown Cold (Live)
23. Dressed To Kill
24. Morning Dew '81
25. Love Leads To Madness
26. Games
27. Dream On
28. Where Are You Now
29. Ruby Tuesday
30. Party Down
31. Cinema
32. Piece Of My Heart
33. Winner On The Night
34. Every Time It Rains
35. Tell Me That You Love Me
36. Move Me
37. Love Hurts (Rock Orchestra Version)