The Art Of The 12 inch (Download)

Format: Digital
Cat. No.: DDSALVOD037
Barcode: 0698458823786
Playing Time: Over 2 and a half hours

From the original house of 12” excess, Zang Tuum Tumb, Trevor Horn and his Robot Orchestra present blockbusters, rarities, vanities and mysteries. Trevor’s team at Sarm West studios worked overtime in the 80s, pumping out highly creative reworkings of their finest productions at an incredible rate.

The Art of the 12" is only the third compilation from ZTT Records, following the highly collectible Sampled (1986) and Zance (1994). It contains 22 classic, rare and unreleased 12" remixes from the ZTT vaults.  Add seven avant-garde interludes - or microremixes - and that’s 29 tracks in total. It’s a treasure trove for fans of the label and its biggest acts (Frankie Goes To Holly wood, Propaganda, Art of Noise , 808 State…), as it contains some of their rarest and most accomplished remixes
1. Duel (Jewelled) (Jewelled mix)
2. Rage Hard (The Young Person’s Guide To The 12" mix) (The Young Person’s Guide To The 12" mix)
3. Close (To The Edit) - {Closely Closely Enough’s Enough} (Closely Closely Enough’s Enough mix)
4. the laughter (Theme From Laughter - 06.12.87 extract) (06.12.87 extract)
5. Snobbery & Decay (Extended, for Stephanie Beacham) (Extended, for Stephanie Beacham mix)
6. Sleepwalking (12" extended mix) (12" extended mix)
7. the moment (Moment In Love) (edit)
8. Cübik (Kings County Perspective) (Kings County Perspective mix)
9. 10th Wonder (12" Mix) (12" Mix)
10. Dance Yourself To Death (License to Thrill) (License to Thrill mix)
11. Pacific 909 (Mellow Birds Mega Edit) (Mellow Birds Mega Edit)
12. Moments In Love (Beaten) (Beaten mix)
13. Testament Two
14. the obscenity - The Power Of Love (singlette mix, extract) (singlette mix, extract)
15. Relax (Sex Mix Edit) (Sex Mix Edit)
16. Souvenir d’Un Paris (Mix Aguicheur) (Mix Aguicheur)
17. the voices (When Your Heart Runs Out Of Time)
18. When Your Heart Runs Out of Time (6’20") (6’20" mix)
19. the diamond mine (Warriors - Compacted, extract) (Compacted mix, extract)
20. 32 Frames (Drummed Up)
21. Dr Mabuse (12" Master Mix for Germany) (12" Master Mix for Germany)
22. Two Tribes (Hibakush-ah!) (Hibakush-ah! Mix)
23. Life’s a Barrel of Laughs (Out Of This World Mix) (Out Of This World Mix)
24. the flash forward (Dreaming - Silver Mix, extract) (Silver Mix, extract)
25. Welcome to the Pleasuredome (Pleasurefix) (Pleasurefix mix)
26. The Only Star in Heaven (Starfix) (Starfix mix)
27. Waiting in Vain (Extended Dub) (Extended Dub mix)
28. Pacific (Bonus Bird Beats) (Bonus Bird Beats)
29. the factory (Rage Hard - ++, extract) (++ mix, extract)