Claudia Brucken

ComBined (Download)

Format: Digital
Cat. No.: DDSALV038
Barcode: 0698458813886
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1. Dr. Mabuse (a paranoid fantasy)
2. Duel
3. (the beta wrap around of) p:Machinery (the beta wrap around)
4. Absolutely Immune
5. Snobbery And Decay
6. Femme Fatale (The Woman With The Orchid)
7. Augenblick (Geek Boy remix) (Geek Boy remix)
8. Unknown Treasure
9. Cloud 9ine
10. Thank You
11. Sequentia
12. Light The Way (Radio Seduction Edit) (Radio Seduction Edit)
13. This Is Not America
14. Night School
15. In Dreams