The Rise & Fall (Download)

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Cat. No.: DDSALVOD020
Barcode: 0698458822086
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Following the magnificent ska-pop of their debut, One Step Beyond, and the developmental pop majesty of Absolutely and 7, The Rise & Fall shows a band at the very height of their songwriting powers; their maturity and depth of subject matter second to none among their peers.

 Containing the brilliant smash hit single ‘Our House’ - a fantastically poignant and uplifting anthem about Chas Smash’s childhood home - and the simultaneously melancholic and upbeat ‘Tomorrow’s (Just Another Day)’, this expanded version also features the non-album singles and promo videos for ‘House Of Fun’ and ‘Driving In My Car’. Both of these classic Madness tracks prove that the boys – even as fully fledged, grown-up superstars – had lost none of the nuttiness that first captured the public’s imagination and made them a national institution.





The Rise & Fall, originally released in 1982, is a testament to the groups new-found maturity, suggesting the compositional daring of mid-period Beatles and self-reflective ruminations on adulthood - especially on its hit single Tomorrow’s Just Another Day. The dancehall swagger remained, with sonic nods to Motown and the bluebeat of their youth, but tempered with the increasingly articulate thoughts of older, wiser heads. 4/5 - Terry Staunton, Record Collector.

1. Rise And Fall (Remastered) (Remastered)
2. Tomorrow’s (Just Another Day) (Remastered) (Remastered)
3. Blue Skinned Beast (Remastered) (Remastered)
4. Primrose Hill (Remastered) (Remastered)
5. Mr. Speaker (Gets The Word) (Remastered) (Remastered)
6. Sunday Morning (Remastered) (Remastered)
7. Our House (Remastered) (Remastered)
8. Tiptoes (Remastered) (Remastered)
9. New Delhi (Remastered) (Remastered)
10. That Face (Remastered) (Remastered)
11. Calling Cards (Remastered) (Remastered)
12. Are You Coming (With Me) (Remastered) (Remastered)
13. Madness (Is All In The Mind) (Remastered) (Remastered)
14. Rise And Fall (BBC Session Recording) (BBC Kid Jensen Session Recording)
15. Tomorrow’s (Just Another Day) (BBC Session Recording) (BBC Kid Jensen Session Recording)
16. Calling Cards (BBC Session Recording) (BBC Kid Jensen Session Recording)
17. Are You Coming (With Me) (BBC Session Recording) (BBC Kid Jensen Session Recording)
18. House Of Fun (7" Single)
19. Don’t Look Back
20. Driving In My Car (7" Single)
21. Animal Farm (Tomorrow’s Dream Warp Mix) (Tomorrow’s Dream Warp Mix)
22. Riding On My Bike
23. Our House (12" Extended Version) (12" Extended Version)
24. Walking With Mr. Wheeze
25. Mad House (Our House Instrumental Mix) (Our House Instrumental Mix)
26. Tomorrow’s (Just Another Day) (Warped 12") (Warped 12")
27. Blue Beast (Warp Mix) (Warp Mix)
28. Our House (Stretch Mix) (Stretch Mix)
29. Tomorrow’s (Just Another Day)
30. The National Anthem