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Teenage Kicks - The Very Best Of The Undertones (Download)

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Emerging from Derry in Northern Ireland in the punk / ‘new wave’ boom of 1977-1978, The Undertones knack for short sharp songs with infectious choruses (and Feargal Sharkey’s signature vocal quiver) won them a fistful of timeless hit singles, including the seminal Teenage Kicks, plus My Perfect Cousin, Jimmy Jimmy, Here Comes The Summer and a host of others.


Their four cracking albums showed a band prepared to take risks as punk morphed into new wave and on into electro pop and new romanticism. This fantastic CD showcases the very best of the Undertones and includes a glorious 20-page full colour booklet and 2 bonus promo videos for Teenage Kicks and My Perfect Cousin.

Q Magazine - 4 stars - November issue
While most of those inspired by punk’s first rush played dumb like the Ramones, five scruffy Derry oiks, The Undertones, mastered the art of addictive 3 minute pop songs about girls, family life and goody-goody cousins. This album neatly sums up how they did it, before such simple joys were traded in for a more self-conscious sophisticated direction. (Peter Kane)

Music Week - September 11th issue
One of the few enjoyable things to emerge from Northern Ireland during ’the troubles’, The Undertones’ short, pithy songs are infectious and catchy enough to rank as pop but sufficiently surly and spiky to pass as punk. Famously loved by the late John Peel, their oeuvre included the joyous Here Comes The Summer, the anthemic Jimmy Jimmy and the tongue-in-cheek My Perfect Cousin - all here along with pretty much everything else you need. An identically titled compilation has sold upwards of 50,000 since it’s release in 2003 and this one could do even better. It makes one or two prudent track substitutions, adds a splendid 20 page booklet and includes promotional videos for Teenage Kicks and My Perfect Cousin. (Alan Jones)



Scootering Magazine - October issue
[extract] a fine selection of short sharp songs with infectious choruses - kind of pop music with attitude for those that didn’t like their records too sugary sweet. A tidy little package. (Andy)

BBC Music website - review here

Whisperinandhollerin - online 8/10 review here

1. Teenage Kicks (Single Version)
2. My Perfect Cousin
3. Here Comes The Summer (Single Version)
4. Wednesday Week
5. Jimmy Jimmy
6. It’s Going To Happen!
7. Male Model
8. Get Over You (Single Version)
9. You’ve Got My Number (Why Don’t You Use It!) (Single Version)
10. (She’s A) Runaround
11. Family Entertainment
12. When Saturday Comes
13. Hypnotised
14. Tearproof
15. Girls That Don’t Talk
16. More Songs About Chocolate And Girls
17. The Love Parade (7" single version)
18. The Way Girls Talk
19. Listening In
20. Julie Ocean