Wonderful (Download)

Format: Digital
Cat. No.: DDSALVOD031
Barcode: 0698458823182
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Originally released in 1999, Wonderful was the first new material from the Madness camp since 1988’s The Madness and the first album that featured all seven original members since 1984’s Keep Moving, after which Mike Barson took leave of the band for a while.

Spawning the catchy single ‘Lovestruck’ plus darker material like ‘Johnny The Horse’ and ‘Drip Fed Fred’ (the video to which is included here and features the inimitable Ian Dury), Wonderful acts as the link between the nutty Madness of yore and the resplendent, sophisticated force they have become with 2009’s brilliant ‘The Liberty Of Norton Folgate’ album.

This expanded edition of Wonderful comes with a whole CD of bonus tracks including material from 2002’s ‘Our House’ musical and a tribute to Madness’s old friend Ian Dury with a cover of his classic ‘My Old Man’. There are three promo videos altogether: the aforementioned ‘Drip Fed Fred’, ‘Johnny The Horse’ and, of course, ‘Lovestruck’.



1. Lovestruck (Remastered)
2. Johnny The Horse (Remastered)
3. The Communicator (Remastered)
4. 4.A.M. (Remastered)
5. The Wizard (Remastered)
6. Drip Fed Fred (Remastered)
7. Going To The Top (Remastered)
8. Elysium (Remastered)
9. Saturday Night Sunday Morning (Remastered)
10. If I Didn’t Care (Remastered)
11. No Money (Remastered)
12. You’re Wonderful (Re-Mix) (Remastered Remix)
13. Round And Round (Remastered)
14. We Are Love (Remastered)
15. Johnny The Horse (Radio Edit) (Remastered Radio Edit)
16. I Was The One (Remastered)
17. Dreaming Man (Remastered)
18. Light Of The Way (Remastered)
19. We Want Freddie (Remastered)
20. Drip Fed Fred (The Conspiracy Mix - Single Version) (Remastered The Conspiracy Mix - Single Version)
21. Maddley (Remastered)
22. Simple Equation (from “Our House" Musical) (Remastered)
23. Sarah’s Song (from “Our House" Musical) (Remastered)
24. It Must Be Love (2002 Mix from “Our House" Musical) (Remastered)
25. My Old Man