Malice In Wonderland (Download)

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Cat. No.: DDSALV029
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A career high point and many a fan’s favourite Naz album, Malice In Wonderland effectively balanced the group’s hard rock energy with a polished, radio-friendly approach that reaped dividends on tracks like Holiday, Big Boy, Showdown At The Border and Heart’s Grown Cold. This remastered edition adds 7 cracking live tracks from their Hammersmith Odeon gig of March 16, 1980.


"Badass Jock rock"

You’d somehow expect the music of Scotland’s industrial cities to sound a lot harder and more brutal than it did. Yet The Incredible String Band are more typical than Frankie Miller or Alex Harvey. Indeed, it was left to Dunfermline’s Nazareth to carry the torch for hard rock by hard men throughout the 70s and 80s. They may have hit their peak in the mid-70s with Razamanaz and Loud ’n’ Proud but have continued in various line-ups ever since to make exciting, blood-vessel rupturing strength high energy rock.

Malice In Wonderland, released in 1980, saw ex-SAHB guitarist Zal Cleminson join them, as well as a radical change of direction towards a more REO Speedwagonesque sound. Holiday sounds like they have poodle perms, though Talkin’ bout Love is vintage Naz.


Tommy Udo

Classic Rock

1. Holiday
2. Showdown At The Border
3. Talkin’ To One Of The Boys
4. Heart’s Grown Cold
5. Fast Cars
6. Big Boy
7. Talkin’ Bout Love
8. Fallen Angel
9. Ship Of Dreams
10. Turning A New Leaf
11. I Want To Do Everything For You (BBC Live Recording)
12. Showdown At The Border (BBC Live Recording)
13. Beggars Day (BBC Live Recording)
14. Big Boy (BBC Live Recording)
15. Holiday / This Flight Tonight (BBC Live Recording)
16. Expect No Mercy (BBC Live Recording)
17. Broken Down Angel (BBC Live Recording)