The Anthology (Download)

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One of Britain’s hardest working bands, Dunfermline’s Nazareth are road warriors par excellence. For nigh on four decades they have performed in front of fervent audiences across the globe and they are currently in the midst of a major world tour taking in several continents.

Just like the trends they have outlasted, various musicians have come and gone. Original guitarist Manny Charlton helped to get the band off the ground but his involvement ended as the 1990s dawned. Nine years ago, the band was rocked by the tragic death of co-founding drummer Darrell Sweet, but opted to keep things in the family by handing the drum stool to Lee Agnew, son of bassist Pete.

Current guitarist Jimmy Murrison has been with Nazareth for 15 years, making him the group’s longest serving six-string servant outside of the original line-up.

Barring the very occasional blip, the band’s music has also stayed true to its origins. Bluesy and muscular, but characterised by strong, hummable hooks, with honourable mention for Dan McCafferty’s near-superhuman lead vocals, Nazareth has now amassed 21 studio albums, notching such hits as ‘Broken Down Angel’, ‘This Flight Tonight’, ‘Love Hurts’, ‘Bad, Bad Boy’, ‘My White Bicycle’, ‘May The Sun Shine’, ‘Dream On’ and ‘Star’ along the way.

Here you’ll find the very best of Nazareth; superb singles, outstanding album tracks, acclaimed originals and cracking covers – all loud, proud and remastered!

1. Razamanaz
2. Bad Bad Boy
3. Broken Down Angel
4. Woke Up This Morning
5. Go Down Fighting
6. Turn On Your Receiver
7. Teenage Nervous Breakdown
8. This Flight Tonight
9. Sunshine
10. Shanghai’d In Shanghai
11. Hair Of The Dog
12. Love Hurts
13. My White Bicycle
14. Holy Roller
15. Telegram
16. Expect No Mercy
17. Gone Dead Train
18. Place In Your Heart
19. No Mean City
20. Just To Get Into It
21. May The Sunshine
22. Whatever You Want Babe
23. Holiday
24. Hearts Grown Cold
25. Moonlight Eyes
26. Cocaine (Live) (Live)
27. Little Part Of You
28. Dream On
29. Where Are You Now
30. Ruby Tuesday
31. This Months Messiah
32. Piece Of My Heart
33. Winner On The Night
34. Every Time It Rains
35. Thinking Mans Nightmare
36. Steamroller
37. When The Lights Come Down
38. Goin’ Loco