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Gilbert O’Sullivan Latin Ala G! (CD/Download) USM USMFLCD002 698458340221
Gilbert O’Sullivan By Larry (CD) Salvo SALVOXCD010 698458051028
Gilbert O’Sullivan Sounds Of The Loop (CD / Download) Salvo SALVOXCD009 698458050922
Gilbert O’Sullivan In The Key Of G (CD / Download) Salvo SALVOXCD008 698458050823
Gilbert O’Sullivan Life & Rhymes (CD) Salvo SALVOXCD007 698458050724
Gilbert O’Sullivan Off Centre (CD) Salvo SALVOXCD006 698458050625
Gilbert O’Sullivan Southpaw (CD / Download) Salvo SALVOXCD005 698458050526
Gilbert O’Sullivan A Stranger In My own Back Yard
(CD / Download)
Salvo SALVOXCD004 698458050427
Gilbert O’Sullivan I’m A Writer, Not A Fighter
(CD / Download)
Salvo SALVOXCD003 698458050328
Gilbert O’Sullivan Back To Front
(CD / Download)
Salvo SALVOXCD002 698458050229
Gilbert O’Sullivan Himself
(CD / Download)
Salvo SALVOXCD001 698458050120
Madness The Liberty Of Norton Folgate
(CD / Download)
Salvo SALVOVCD06 698458940629
Slade Slade Alive! (CD) Salvo SALVOVCD03 698458940322
Madness One Step Beyond... (standard version) (CD / Download) Salvo SALVOVCD02 698458940223
Nazareth Greatest Hits (CD) Salvo SALVOVCD01 698458940124
Slade Slade In Flame (CD+DVD) Salvo SALVOSVX040 698458064028
Stan Getz Live In Europe 1972 (CD+DVD) Salvo Sound & Vision SALVOSVX039 698458063922
Charles Mingus Live In Europe 1975 (CD+DVD) Salvo Sound & Vision SALVOSVX038 698458063823
Steve Earle Live in Europe 2005 (CD + DVD) Salvo SALVOSVX037 698458063724
Solomon Burke Live in Europe 2006 (2CD + DVD) Salvo SALVOSVX036 698458063625
Madness One Step Beyond… (CD+DVD / Download) Salvo SALVOSVX034 698458063427
Bad Company Bad Company Live at Wembley (CD/DVD) Salvo SALVOSVX032 698458063229
Canned Heat Canned Heat Live in Europe 1973 (CD + DVD) Salvo SALVOSVX031 698458063120
John Lee Hooker Cook with the Hook (2CD + DVD) Salvo SALVOSVX030 698458063021
Madness Madstock (CD+DVD) Salvo SALVOSVX027 698458062727
Marvin Gaye Greatest Hits Live in ’76 (1 CD / 1DVD) Salvo SALVOSVX025 698458062529
The Damned Tiki Nightmare (2CD+DVD) Salvo SALVOSVX023 698458062321
Alice Cooper Brutally Live (CD+DVD) Salvo SALVOSVX022 698458062222
Asia Fantasia Live In Tokyo (2CD+DVD) Salvo SALVOSVX021 698458062123
Foreigner Alive & Rockin’ - Live At The Bang Your Head!!! Festival In Balingen, Germany 2006 (CD+DVD) Salvo SALVOSVX020 698458062024
Dusty Springfield Live At The Royal Albert Hall (CD+DVD) Salvo SALVOSVX018 698458061829
The Undertones An Introduction To The Undertones (CD+DVD) Salvo SALVOSVX016 698458061621
Gary Moore & The Midnight Blues Band Live In Concert At the 1990 Montreux Festival (CD+DVD) Salvo SALVOSVX015 698458061522
Nazareth Homecoming (CD+DVD) Salvo SALVOSVX013 698458061324
Rory Gallagher Live At The Montreux Festival 1975 to 1994 (CD 2DVD) Salvo SALVOSVX011 698458061126
Madness Take It Or Leave It (CD+DVD) Salvo SALVOSVX010 698458061027
Deep Purple Live In Concert At The 2006 Montreux Festival (CD+DVD) Salvo SALVOSVX009 698458060921
Jethro Tull Nothing Is Easy: Live At The Isle Of Wight 1970 (CD+DVD) Salvo SALVOSVX008 698458060822
The Who Live At The Isle Of Wight Festival 1970 (2CD+DVD) Salvo SALVOSVX007 698458060723
Van Der Graaf Generator Live In Concert At Metropolis Studios, London (2CD+DVD / Download) Salvo SALVOSVX006 698458060624
The Zombies feat. Colin Blunstone & Rod Argent Recorded live in concert at Metropolis Studios, London (CD+DVD / Download) Salvo SALVOSVX005 698458060525
John Lees’ Barclay James Harvest Recorded live in concert at Metropolis Studios, London (CD+DVD/Download) Salvo SALVOSVX004 698458060426
Caravan Recorded live in concert at Metropolis Studios, London (CD+DVD / Download) Salvo SALVOSVX003 698458060327
Roy Harper Recorded live in concert at Metropolis Studios, London
(CD+DVD / Download)
Salvo SALVOSVX002 698458060228
Bill Nelson and the Gentlemen Rocketeers Live In Concert At Metropolis Studios, London (2CD+DVD/Download) Salvo SALVOSVX001 698458060129
The Undertones Get Over You (7 Salvo SALVOSV15 4050538216233
The Undertones My Perfect Cousin / Hard Luck (Again) / I Don’t Wanna See (You Again) (RSD) Salvo SALVOSV013 4050538175639
Slade The Slade Box (4CD Digipack) Salvo SALVOSBX454 698458945426
Various The Rocky Horror Show (4CD) Salvo SALVOSBX101 698458910127
Love Love Songs (2CD) Salvo SALVOMDCD43 698458824325
Jose Feliciano No Jive - The Very Best Of - 1964-75 (2CD) Salvo SALVOMDCD35 698458823526
Kris Kristofferson Kris Kristofferson (2CD) Salvo SALVOMDCD34 698458823427
Nazareth The Singles
(2CD / Download)
Salvo SALVOMDCD30 698458993021
Nazareth Move Me & Boogaloo (2CD) Salvo SALVOMDCD25 698458992529
Nazareth Snakes N Ladders & No Jive (2CD) Salvo SALVOMDCD24 698458992420
Nazareth The Catch - Cinema (2CD / Download) Salvo SALVOMDCD23 698458992321
The Undertones True Confessions A’s & B’s (2CD / Download) Salvo SALVOMDCD21 698458992123
Nazareth Snaz (2CD / Download) Salvo SALVOMDCD18 698458991829
Belle Stars 80s Romance - The Complete Belle Stars
(2CD / Download)
Salvo SALVOMDCD16 698458991621
Madness Wonderful (2CD / Download) Salvo SALVOMDCD13 698458991324
Madness Keep Moving (2CD / Download) Salvo SALVOMDCD11 698458991126
Madness The Rise & Fall (2CD / Download) Salvo SALVOMDCD10 698458991027
Madness 7 (2CD / Download) Salvo SALVOMDCD07 698458990723
Madness Absolutely (2CD / Download) Salvo SALVOMDCD06 698458990624
Madness One Step Beyond... (2CD / Download) Salvo SALVOMDCD02 698458990228
The Undertones Positive Touch / Sins Of Pride (2CD) Salvo SALVOMDCD01 698458990129
The Undertones Hypnotised (LP) (2016 Digital Remaster) Salvo SALVOLPV007 4050538216172
The Undertones The Undertones (LP) (2016 Digital Remaster) Salvo SALVOLPV006 4050538215991
Slade Slade Alive (12 inch vinyl) Salvo SALVOLPV001 698458890122
Tony Joe White Swamp Fox: The Definitive Collection 1968-1973 (2CD) Salvo SALVODCD225W 698458822529
Echo & The Bunnymen Do It Clean: An Anthology 1979-1987 (2CD) Salvo SALVODCD224W 698458822420
The Lambrettas Beat Boys in the Jet Age (2CD) Salvo SALVODCD223 698458822321
Liza Minnelli Cabaret... And All That Jazz - The Liza Minnelli Anthology (2CD) Salvo SALVODCD221 698458822123
Nazareth The Anthology (2CD) Salvo SALVODCD210 698458821027
The Undertones An Anthology (2CD) Salvo SALVODCD209 698458820921
Slade The Collection 79-87 (2CD) Salvo SALVODCD205 698458820525
Slade Rockers (2CD) Salvo SALVODCD204 69845882042
Slade B-Sides (2CD) Salvo SALVODCD203 698458820327
Slade Slade Alive! (2CD) Salvo SALVODCD201 698458820129
Iron Butterfly In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida Expanded Edition (CD) Salvo SALVOCD071 698458817129
Swing Out Sister The Essential Swing Out Sister (CD) Salvo SALVOCD069 698458816924
Nazareth Hard ’N’ Heavy (CD / Download) Salvo SALVOCD068 698458816825
Slade Sladest (CD) Salvo SALVOCD053 698458815323
Madness Forever Young - The Ska Collection
(CD / Download)
Salvo SALVOCD052 698458815224
Nazareth 2XS - Sound Elixir (CD / Download) Salvo SALVOCD048 698458814821
The Undertones Teenage Kicks - The Very Best Of (CD / Download) Salvo SALVOCD045 698458814524
Nazareth The Fool Circle (CD / Download) SALVOCD044 698458814425
Nazareth Malice In Wonderland (CD / Download) Salvo SALVOCD043 698458814326
Nazareth No Mean City (CD) Salvo SALVOCD041 698458814128
Nazareth Expect No Mercy (CD / Download) Salvo SALVOCD040 698458814029
Nazareth Close Enough for Rock ’n’ Roll / Play ’n’ the Game (CD) Salvo SALVOCD039 698458813923
Nazareth Hair Of The Dog (CD) Salvo SALVOCD035 698458813527
Nazareth Rampant (CD) Salvo SALVOCD034 698458813428
Nazareth Loud ’n’ Proud (CD) Salvo SALVOCD033 698458813329
Nazareth Razamanaz (CD) Salvo SALVOCD031 698458813121
Nazareth Nazareth / Exercises (CD) Salvo SALVOCD030 698458813022
The Undertones Hypnotised (CD) Salvo SALVOCD026 698458812629
The Undertones The Undertones (CD) Salvo SALVOCD017 698458811721
J.D. Souther Border Town - The Very Best Of J.D. Souther (CD) Salvo SALVOCD013 698458811325
Slade You Boyz Make Big Noize (CD) Salvo SALVOCD011 698458811127
Slade Rogues Gallery (CD) Salvo SALVOCD010 698458811028
Slade The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome (CD) Salvo SALVOCD009 698458810922
Slade Till Deaf Do Us Part (CD) Salvo SALVOCD008 698458810823
Slade We’ll Bring The House Down (CD) Salvo SALVOCD007 698458810724
Slade Whatever Happened To Slade (CD) Salvo SALVOCD006 698458810625
Slade Nobody’s Fools (CD) Salvo SALVOCD005 698458810526
Slade Slade In Flame (CD) Salvo SALVOCD004 698458810427
Slade Old New Borrowed And Blue (CD) Salvo SALVOCD003 698458810328
Slade Slayed (CD) Salvo SALVOCD002 698458810229
Slade Beginnings / Play It Loud (CD) Salvo SALVOCD001 698458810120
Slade When Slade Rocked The World 1971 to 1975 Salvo SALVOBX412 698458841223
Various Go Cat Go
(4CD Box Set)
Salvo SALVOBX411 698458841124
Jerry Lee Lewis A Whole Lotta Jerry Lee Lewis (4CD) Salvo SALVOBX410 698458841025
Nazareth The Naz Box
(4CD / Download)
Salvo SALVOBX409 698458840929
Madness A Guided Tour Of Madness
(3CD+1DVD / Download)
Salvo SALVOBX408 698458840820
The Undertones WEST BANK SONGS: 1978-1983 – A Best Of (2LP) Salvo SALVO426DLP 4050538539226
Nazareth Snaz (2LP) Salvo SALVO407DLP 4050538520644
Nazareth Move Me (1LP) Salvo SALVO406LP 4050538520705
Nazareth No Jive (1LP) Salvo SALVO405LP 4050538520729
Nazareth Cinema (1LP) Salvo SALVO403LP 4050538520743
Nazareth Sound Elixir (1LP) Salvo SALVO401LP 4050538520767
Nazareth 2XS (1LP) Salvo SALVO400LP 4050538520781
Nazareth The Fool Circle (1LP) Salvo SALVO392LP 4050538491906
Nazareth Malice In Wonderland (1LP) Salvo SALVO391LP 4050538474480
Nazareth Play ’N’ The Game (1LP) Salvo SALVO390LP 4050538474466
Nazareth Close Enough For Rock ’N’ Roll (1LP) Salvo SALVO389LP 4050538474442
Nazareth Exercises (1LP) Salvo SALVO388LP 4050538474428
Nazareth Nazareth (1LP) Salvo SALVO387LP 4050538491920
Nazareth No Mean City (1LP) Salvo SALVO386LP 4050538466126
Nazareth Expect No Mercy (1LP) Salvo SALVO385LP 4050538466164
Nazareth Hair Of The Dog (1LP) Salvo SALVO384LP 4050538467048
Nazareth Rampant (1LP) Salvo SALVO383LP 4050538466188
Nazareth Loud ’N’ Proud (LP) Salvo SALVO382LP 4050538467079
Nazareth Razamanaz (1LP) Salvo SALVO381LP 4050538467109
Nazareth God Of The Mountain (Download) USM Digital DDSALVOS075 0698458877581
Madness Le Grand Pantalon
(single download)
Salvo DDSALVOS040 0698458874085
The Undertones Save Me (Download) USM Digital DDSALVOS036 0698458873682
The Undertones Chain Of Love (Download) USM Digital DDSALVOS034 0698458873484
The Undertones Got To Have You Back (Download) USM Digital DDSALVOS030 0698458873088
The Undertones The Love Parade (Download) USM Digital DDSALVOS026 0698458872685
The Undertones Beautiful Friend (Download) USM Digital DDSALVOS024 0698458872487
The Undertones Julie Ocean (Download) USM Digital DDSALVOS022 0698458872289
The Undertones It’s Going To Happen! (Download) USM Digital DDSALVOS018 0698458871886
The Undertones Wednesday Week (Download) USM Digital DDSALVOS014 0698458871480
The Undertones My Perfect Cousin (Download) USM Digital DDSALVOS011 0698458871183
The Undertones You’ve Got My Number (Download) Salvo DDSALVOS009 0698458870988
The Undertones Here Comes The Summer (Download) USM Digital DDSALVOS007 0698458870780
The Undertones Jimmy Jimmy (Download) Salvo DDSALVOS006 0698458870681
The Undertones Get Over You (Download) Salvo DDSALVOS005 0698458870582
The Undertones The Anthology (Download) Salvo DDSALVOD001 0698458820181
Nazareth Play ’n’ The Game (Download) USM Digital DDSALV026 0698458812681
Nazareth Close Enough For Rock ’n’ Roll (Download) USM Digital DDSALV025 0698458812582
The Undertones The Sin Of Pride (Download) Salvo DDSALV004 0698458810489
The Undertones Positive Touch (Download) USM Digital DDSALV003 0698458810380
The Undertones The Undertones (Download) Salvo DDSALV001 0698458810182