One of Britain’s most popular and enduring bands, Slade exuded pure unadulterated fun. Lauded by John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, Alice Cooper and Ritchie Blackmore among other luminaries, they’ve often been described as ‘the missing link between the Beatles and Oasis’ the latter, of course, having covered Cum On Feel The Noize and Merry Xmas Everybody.

Dave Hill and Don Powell continue to tour as Slade. To find more information about their upcoming shows, visit their facebook page here.

Noddy Holder

After slogging it out in the ‘60s as the N’Betweens and later, Ambrose Slade, Slade finally came to prominence with their frenetic rave-up of Little Richard’s Get Down And Get With It. In an age of so many silver-sequinned acts, Slade steamrolled the competition, scoring six No. 1s, twelve Top 5 singles and three No. 1 LPs between 1971 and 1975.The writing partnership of Noddy Holder (lyrics) and Jim Lea (music) was unstoppable. They crafted a pantheon of ultra-catchy, supersonic nuggets whose infectious singalong choruses imbedded themselves in your brain, a treasure trove of hit singles that are among the most impressive in rock history.

Slade - Glam Rock

Image-wise, Slade were in a league of their own. Unlike some of their glam/glitter contemporaries, they dressed flashy but did it with a playful wink. While Jim Lea and Don Powell kept a relatively low fashion profile, Noddy and Dave revelled in the delicious absurdity of it all. With luxurious strawberry blonde mutton chops tightly framing his face, Noddy strode around the stage like a mischievous schoolboy spitting out the lyrics with cheeky irreverence. Dave was a zany cartoon character come to life, like a friendlier version of the Tasmanian Devil, a goofy grin permanently in place. Strutting precariously atop knee-high boots, Hill was an unforgettable vision of glitter and glitz, his splendidly designed ‘Super Yob’ guitar a perfect accoutrement.